Dressmaker Collection


A very unique set, this dressmaker collection goes perfectly with our sewing room set!!  


Including a dresssmaker mannequin , this set has sewing pattern books that have matching sewing patters in a beautiful wooden storage box.  The sewing paterns are true miniatures that even feel like real patterns as they have the "scrunchy" paper inside them for realism.  This set is complete with a gorgeous wooden bolt stand to display the fabrics (fabrics will vary from those picutred but you will receive a contrasting coloured selection of fabrics)


The manequine comes with a tiny sewing "tape measure" that can be draped around it or used to play with in your dollhouse sewing room.  




dressmaker mannequin on wooden stand

tape measure

4 x fashion sewing catalogues (wooden and do not open, display only)

4 matching sewing patterns in wooden box

1 x wooden sewing fabric bolt holder 


## Please note these photos are of this set for dolls 6 inches tall, you can order this set in 3 different sizes, simply select the size you want from the drop down menu





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