Minimollydollhouse Doll Aunty

Minimollydollhouse Doll Aunty

These are uniquely designed and handcrafted, bendable dollhouse size dolls (man roughly 6 inches equiv to a 6 ft man, lady slightly shorter between 5 and 6 inches).  My daughters wanted fresh, newly designed dolls they could really play with in their dollhouses, dolls that could bend and climb ladders, hug each other, hold onto objects, lie down, sit easily in the chairs and stand up with some solid shoes!  That's where the inspiration for this range of dolls came from.  Each doll comes fully possible. They are lovely and soft to hold and have beautiful outfits finished off with gorgeous miniature shoes that have wooden soles to help them stand alone in the dollhouse.  Bring your dollhouse to life with these irresistible dolls, inspiring lots of creative play with all the family busy in each different room.  Collect them all!




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