Sleigh Single Bed
  • Sleigh Single Bed


    This is a beautiful handcrafted , Sleigh Bed Set  Inspired by a very French Provincial theme, its in a gorgeous , rustic style .  

    This set goes perfectly with the Wardrobe and dressing table sets as seen in the last picture (not included in this set)  Please look in our etsy store to find the wardrobe and dressing table.  NOTE you can also purchase the entire bedroom set at a discounted price.  

    There are very few plastic components in our products, these are designed to be played with and handed down to the next generation.


    Box includes:  (Wardrobe and chair are not included in this set)

    1 x wooden Sleigh Bed and bedding  1:6 SCALE



    *** (Please note , the exact materials used in the bedding may change slightly from time to time depending on availability but will be very close to this look and feel , if you would like to see a pic of the new material before purchasing then please feel free to email me, thankyou :-)


    NOTE: The pose-able dolls, display clothes , books (and anything else not listed in the section above ) in the photographs are NOT included with this package but may be available from my store sold separately.

    Due to the fact that each piece is individually hand crafted, there will be slight variations between your pieces and the one photographed. No 2 pieces are identical. The photograph is an accurate representation of the product you will receive.

    Suitable for collectors or children over 5 for many hours of fun and enjoyment.

    **Postage = Item will be shipped within the time frame specified on this order , Please check your countries import policies for any taxes that may apply.